Here's What Clients Say about Nathan Fraser

Never believe what someone says about themselves.

Liars and sociopaths abound, especially in the world of marketing. That's why it's always good to get a second (or even third) opinion about someone, before working with them.

My dad always told me "trust, but verify."

Here's what some of my clients have to say about working with me.

Trish Leto

"He is an ad copy genius."

- Trish Leto

Owner of Instagram Hustlers

David Garfinkel

“I’m on a first-name, speed-dial basis with many of the top marketers in the entrepreneurial space. But when it came to marketing my own message, I’ve never found anyone who even comes close to Nathan Fraser.

What he did that was especially amazing – and continues to be deeply appreciated – is: find, and help me build the bridge between, what I’m best at, and what prospects and fans would want to hear. I’ll give him 100% credit for coming up with the basic idea and the exact format of the Copywriters Podcast. Nathan knows his marketing, that’s for sure. But there’s also a sixth sense, a pinch of magic, that the truly expert practitioners have as well. And Nathan’s got it in abundance.”

- David Garfinkel

“The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach”

Chris Geo

“We run an independent radio network and a lot of our support comes from our listeners.

Last year, we hired Nathan to help us with an ad campaign encouraging listener support. After running the ads for just a few days, we saw an immediate increase in listener support. Over the next few weeks, subscriptions went up over 23% and they’re still increasing.

Since then, Nathan’s been our go-to guy when it comes to marketing and advertising.”

- Chris Geo

Owner of Truth Frequency Radio Network

Matt Lamarand

“Nathan will explain concepts and strategies until they make sense to you, until you can explain it back to him, and you can tie it back into your own business and your needs”

- Matthew Lamarand

Owner of ME 1st Solutions

Drew Sample

“When I first hired Nathan, I was a bit unfocused on the direction and vision for my company. I didn’t have clear brand recognition, and my customer base was all over the place. Nathan helped me niche down and bring clarity to my brand.

As a result, I now have a thriving micro-greens business and a loyal customer base. My biggest problem now is meeting the demand. It took a lot of hard work, but with Nathan’s help, I’ve built a business and a brand that I’m proud of.”

- Drew Sample

Owner of Capitol City Gardens

Dustin Belvin

"I worked with Nathan Fraser a few weeks ago to critique some of my copy. He helped me out and we absolutely CRUSHED IT for my client.

Nathan gives you clear direction on your marketing. There's no coddling. No sugar coated bullshit. You know what you did right, and where you can improve.

10/10. I will work with him again."

- Dustin Belvin

Owner of Hivemind Marketing

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