Privacy Policy

Your trust is the most valuable thing you can give us. Here's what we'll do in order to keep it:

Your Personal Information;

Any personal information you provide will be kept private. We will not sell/rent/give any of your personal information to any third party companies.

Email Sign-Ups;

If you sign up to join our mailing list, your information (name, email address, etc.) will never sold/rented/given to any third party company.


If you sign up for any form of consultation or interview, your personal information will not be sold/rented/given to any third party company.


This site has Zero (0) cookies. Nothing you do here will be recorded by the website and stored for future visits.

Facebook Pixels;

Our pages do include Facebook Pixels. This means that if you have a Facebook account, Facebook will know that you visited our site. We may use that information to inform you of new content and offers, via Facebook advertising. The pixel does not provide us with any of your personal information.

Blog Comments;

Any comments left on the blog are public and will be viewable by all visitors.

Google Analytics;

We use Google Analytics to track website visits and engagement. This provides us information like geographic locations and time spent on site. It does not provide us with any personal information.

Government Agencies;

Well, it's 1984. We can't guarantee some busy-body government agents won't demand all our visitor's information. Unfortunately, the 4th Amendment no longer cares about your privacy as much as we do. If some jack-booted thug demands your information from us, we will be required by gun-point to provide it.

So far, this has never been required. If this changes in the future, these last two sentences will be removed from our Privacy Policy.