7 Proven List-Building Tactics

Free Mini-Course Reveals How to Build a Large, Responsive Email List in Any Niche

What if you woke up tomorrow and Facebook wasn't there?

What if your Twitter account got deleted and your followers list was gone forever?

What if a change in Google’s algorithm erased your website from its search results?

These things happen to business owners every day. And if you've built your business on someone else's platform, it could happen to you. That's why it's always better to own your contact list, rather than rent from someone else.

When it comes to generating leads and business, email is the only list you really own. And the stronger your email list, the better off your business will be.

But building a list can be difficult, especially if you're not a master marketer. Worse than that, it can be costly. And if you're not careful, you'll end up with a list of low quality leads. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Let me show you the methods I've used to build profitable lists in both my main business, and as a consultant for others. In this free, 21 minute course, you'll get the tactics and strategies most business owners only get after years of trial and error.

You'll discover how to:

  • Start building a list today (even if you have no lead magnets)
  • Keep your emails out of the dreaded spam folder
  • Use your blog posts to get new leads
  • Filter out low quality leads
  • Have your traffic pay for itself
  • And a whole lot more.

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