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Increase Your Email Marketing Sales

66% of all sales on the internet come from email. So, if you're not using email in your marketing efforts, you're missing out.

Problem is, even if you are using email in your marketing, you might still be missing out.

That's because most businesses do email all wrong.

They only reach out once in a blue moon. Their emails are pure promotion. And they're written like they came straight out of the Human Resources department. Their open rates are dismal, and their conversion rates are worse.

The reason for this is they approach email the same way they approach advertising in the Sunday paper. And that doesn't work.

But if you do email the right way, it can be the media that binds your company with the buyer. Email can be what builds the "Know/Like/Trust" factor. It can be the what keeps you top of mind when it comes time to buy.

But only if you do it right.

I've been using email in both of my businesses for quite a few years now. I can track more than 93% of my sales back to email. I'm picky about who I work with, but if I feel you're a good fit, I'd love to help you do the same.

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