Sales Copy That Captivates

Get a Sales Message That Can't Be Ignored

Are your ads not converting like you wish they would?

Put yourself in the shoes of the people you're selling to.

The alarm on your phone wakes you up in the morning. You turn it off, open your favorite social media app, and you're hit with ads in the news feed.

As you're getting ready for the day, the TV plays in the background. A little bit of news, followed by a larger bit of commercials. You hit your favorite blog, or open up the newspaper; more ads.

The day is just begun. But you've already seen more ads this morning than the last generation saw in an entire day.

On your morning commute, it's billboards, bus benches, and branded vinyl car wraps. The radio D.J. plays two songs, followed by 5 commercial jingles. This trend continues throughout the day.

By the time you close your eyes at night, you've been assaulted with over 5,000 pieces of marking materials. Day in. Day out. This is the world your prospect lives in. They're swimming in a sea of advertisements.

So, how do you get them to pay attention to you?

This is the battle all business owners face in today's over-saturated marketing arena. It's a battle for today’s most scarce resource; attention.

Most business owners try copying what works for the big guys. Brand Awareness Advertising. It consists of catchy jingles, repetition, and a lot of wasted advertising dollars. They're shooting a thousand arrows up into the air and hoping on them comes down on a target.

This might work if you have a war chest for a marketing budget. But for most of us, that's just not the case.

Smart business owners understand the value of direct response advertising. The ad demands attention, makes a clear promise, and tells the reader what to do next. Get a good enough direct response copywriter and you can turn words on a page into money on hand.

Most copywriters stick to proven formulas. They write from a template and check boxes of the list as they go.

Headline; check. Desired outcome; check. Offer; check.

Edit for grammar, submit and publish.

This is what all the courses teach. It’s what all the best books instruct. It’s also the extent of what most copywriters can provide you. The flood of advertising you're competing with; this is how it’s comprised. And if you want to fit right in, this is all you'll need.

But if you want your message to stand out, you're gonna need a little extra.

The world is changing. The way people consume media is evolving. Trust levels in business have declined.

Today's buyers want to feel informed when making a buying decision. They want to be entertained and understood by the companies they support. They have ad-blockers and ad blindness. They're not the buyers of yesterday.

The world has moved on, but many copywriters are still stuck in the last millennium.

Some things never change. Basic human psychology has remained the same for tens of thousands of years. Other things are changing so rapidly one can barely keep up.

Does your copy tap into the way people consume their content today? Does it drive them to action? Is it playing to their primal, emotional triggers?

Some things, you can't get from a fill-in-the-blank copywriting template.

The first business I owned was an underground record label. My little brother and I were both co-owners of the business and the talent. Our success depended on knowing how to mix marketing, psychology, and entertainment.

Understanding group psychology was the only way to move the crowd. We took lessons from Edward Bernays, mixed in some Pavlov, and implemented it into every show. We filled up bars, local venues and our pockets.

Understanding marketing was how we sold out our merchandise after the show. Get their attention. Make them forget the rest of the world. Make them feel like they're part of something bigger. Call them to action. Buy our C.D.s and our T-shirts.

The business lessons I learned on stage can't be taught in an online course. You can't learn them in marketing school. I never went to college and earned my MBA. Instead, I dropped out of high school and started a business. I learned in the trenches, and I thank God every day, that I did.

We didn't have a massive advertising budget. We had to use entertainment, information, and new forms of media to get our message out there. But most of all, we had to learn what made people tick and work with that.

That's what I do for my clients. We dive deep into their prospects minds. We figure what they're paying attention to, what they want to consume, and how we can get our message in there. We tailor the message to take advantage of its placement, while mixing in proven aspects of direct response marketing.

We make ads your prospects will want to read.

What sets this approach apart is two-fold.

First, it's based on a deep knowledge of how people think. It's not just about closing the sale. It's about making a connection. It's about positioning you and your company as a helpful authority. It's about why doing business with you is something they can be proud of.

Second, it's about giving them something they will value. Your promotions will educate them, entertain them, and make them hungry for more. No longer will your message be ignored. Instead, you will command the attention of your prospects.

Selling isn't exclusive to sales pages and sales letters anymore. It can happen in a webinar, a podcast episode, a blog post and more. Mix direct response selling into your content, and you get increased sales. Add a sense of content to your direct response selling, you get the same result.

It's the backbone for both of my current businesses. And it's at the heart of what I do for each and every one of my clients.

David Garfinkel

“I’m on a first-name, speed-dial basis with many of the top marketers in the entrepreneurial space. But when it came to marketing my own message, I’ve never found anyone who even comes close to Nathan Fraser.

What he did that was especially amazing – and continues to be deeply appreciated – is: find, and help me build the bridge between, what I’m best at, and what prospects and fans would want to hear. I’ll give him 100% credit for coming up with the basic idea and the exact format of the Copywriters Podcast. Nathan knows his marketing, that’s for sure. But there’s also a sixth sense, a pinch of magic, that the truly expert practitioners have as well. And Nathan’s got it in abundance.”

- David Garfinkel

“The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach”

Dustin Belvin

"I worked with Nathan Fraser a few weeks ago to critique some of my copy. He helped me out and we absolutely CRUSHED IT for my client.

Nathan gives you clear direction on your marketing. There's no coddling. No sugar coated bullshit. You know what you did right, and where you can improve.

10/10. I will work with him again."

- Dustin Belvin

Owner of Hivemind Marketing

Chris Geo

“We run an independent radio network and a lot of our support comes from our listeners.

Last year, we hired Nathan to help us with an ad campaign encouraging listener support. After running the ads for just a few days, we saw an immediate increase in listener support. Over the next few weeks, subscriptions went up over 23% and they’re still increasing.

Since then, Nathan’s been our go-to guy when it comes to marketing and advertising.”

- Chris Geo

Owner of Truth Frequency Radio Network

Are you ready to start getting results like these?

We can make that happen.

Here's how it works:

We'll sit down and create an in-depth platform for your sales copy. We can do this over skype, phone, or in person. By the end of it, you'll know every aspect of your target buyer. You'll know what they fear, what they desire, what they value. You'll know exactly what you have to tell them in order to get them pulling out their wallet.

Not only that, but we'll cover how the ad will appear. It can be a sales page, like this one, but that's only the beginning. What's right for your audience might be another form of media. It might be a Facebook ad. It might be a webinar. It might be a podcast. The important thing is that it be in a form of content your prospect actually consumes.

Then we'll lay out your offer, itself. What are its features? How do they benefit the buyer? What makes you different? What kind of a transformation are you promising? And most importantly, what they have to do to get it?

It's a thorough process. It sets you up to clearly target your market. And it's a service that I charge $1,000 for, on its own. But it comes included when I write for you.

After that, I'll do a week or so of intense study in your market. I'll ask them questions. I'll learn their language. I'll learn to see the world from their eyes. This way, your message speaks directly to them; it enters the conversation they're already having in their mind. The most convincing story is the one we tell ourselves. That's what your story will become for them.

Then, I'll spend a week writing, re-writing, and sculpting it down to a masterpiece. At the end of two weeks, you'll have a solid piece of advertising that your prospects can't help but consume. You'll have something that grabs their attention, pulls them in, takes them on an adventure, and delivers them to your "Buy Now" button.

You'll have a piece of content that acts as a salesperson. One that never calls in sick, never sleeps, and never takes a vacation; it just bring in sales. You'll have a salesperson your customer wants to have around and wants buy from.

How can you get this level of advertising for your business?

Delivering these results takes a lot of work. I don't like to take on more than a few clients at a time. That's why you have to apply to work with me. That's also why I charge what I do, which isn't chump change. But if your market is buying, your offer right and your traffic is healthy, I'm worth every penny.

Are you ready to reach your market on a level none of your competition can match? Are you ready to take your marketing efforts - and returns - to the next level?

If so, then apply to work with me, today.