About the Squad

Nathan Fraser

Hey, what's up?

My name's Nathan Fraser. I help business owners like you get more sales by using direct response marketing. I'm an unapologetic free market capitalist and I love the world of marketing, but this wasn't always the case.

I'll tell you a little more about that in a bit. But first, I’d like let you know what you'll find on this website.

What's in It for You?

I want business owners like you to succeed. My biggest goal for this site is to make that happen.

So, to reach that goal, I put everything I have into creating content that'll empower you as a business owner. You'll find articles on how to improve your marketing, as well as tools and tricks to help you run a more efficient business. You'll also find free guides and consumer awareness reports to help you avoid the pitfalls faced by today's entrepreneurs.

My Crazy Story

Like I said before, I wasn't always a big fan of capitalism or marketing. In fact, I used to see marketers as the scum of the earth. How I got from there to here is kind of a crazy story.

You see, I grew up dirt poor. We lived from welfare check to welfare check, and I spent a lot of my childhood living out the back of our pick-up truck. I saw the world as a fixed pie, and anybody with more than us was the reason we had so little. I hated the rich. I hated business owners. I hated capitalism.

Then, when I was a teenager, I caught the entrepreneurial bug.

I was working a full time job, flipping burgers and just barely getting by. So I started selling not-yet-legal plants to earn some extra money on the side. For the sake of not incriminating myself, we'll just leave it at that.

Soon after, my little brother and I took some of our money and started our own record label. We had a lot of fun building that business. It never turned us into millionaires, but it did teach me a lot about marketing and business ownership. It also helped change some of my negative views about capitalism. We were young, making money, and having a great time while doing it.

Then, Things Took a Turn for the Worse

In early 2012, my little brother passed away. Partying and living the Rap Star lifestyle took its toll on him. His liver gave out, and he left us at the all-to-young age of only 29 years. Our record label died along with him. I could't hit the stage or the studio without him. It just didn't feel right. But my drive to be a business owner lived on.

From there, I started a software company, a t-shirt company, and a graphic design agency. I ran each one of them into the ground. But each failure brought with it lessons. So I learned those lessons and I tried again.

Up to this point, I'd been spending most of my time on product development. You know, the old myth of "if you build it, they will come." Yeah, well that mindset kills more businesses than you would imagine. My first software business was no exception.

My partner Nick and I spent two years creating a product we had only one buyer for. When they pulled out of our deal, they left us with a finished product and no idea how to sell. Just like that, two years, and thousands of dollars, went down the drain. It was a hard, expensive lesson to learn. But I learned it, and I moved on.

How I Turned It All Around

My next business was also a software company. But this time, I changed my strategy. Instead of focusing all my time on creating the product, I spent most of my time figuring out how to sell it. I learned how to market, write sales copy, and increase my customer lifetime value. In 2015, we launched Podcast Blastoff, our podcast hosting service.. I'm proud to say it's still in business, bringing in a consistent profit, month after month.

It was a long, hard road to get there, but it paid off. A year after that product launch, I started documenting what was working for us and what wasn't. Those lessons ended up being the basis of what this website has become. I started blogging about what I'd learned, and other business owners started to take note.

In 2016, I started helping other entrepreneurs with their marketing. Some of them started hiring me to write their ads, sales letters, and sales pages. Others started paying me to help them build out sales funnels. I was helping people grow their businesses, and I found I had a real passion for it.

So that's what I do. I help business owners get more business, and I love it.

It's a long, twisty road that led me to where I now find myself. It started with me hating profits and marketing, and ended with me fully embracing both.

Now What?

If you want to get to know me better, come join the Free Market Squad facebook group. That's where I spend most of my social media time.

But be warned; I'm a bit obnoxious and I'm not overly concerned with putting up a professional appearance. I make decent money for myself, and for the people I work with. I'm ok with being who I am. I'm ok with how I dress and how I present myself. I know I'm not for everyone, but I refuse to put up a front in order to get more business.

If you want to work with me, that's great. If my style turns you off, preventing me from making you more money, that's great as well. I'm not hurting for clients. And people who judge a book by its cover are never fun to work with, anyway.

So, if you're looking for some tips on how to boost business, make sure to check out my blog.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my podcast. You can find it on iTunes or Stitcher. I put out episodes new whenever I feel like it. Quality over quantity.

If you're in need of one-on-one marketing consulting, schedule some time with me and we can make that happen.

And if you need someone to write some killer sales copy for you, look no further. I've got you covered. Let me know what you need by filling out the form on my copywriting clients’ page.

It was great to meet you.